The Team

Charles Thomas- Business Scenario Modelling

Charles calls himself, self-deprecatingly, a spreadsheet geek, but in truth he is a creator of elegant solutions to complex problems. After qualifying as a chartered management accountant, he became irritated by cumbersome and error-riddled spreadsheets. He found he could rebuild them, make them actually add up, and reduce the time taken to do a task by a factor of five or ten. That was when he realised two things: he was good at thinking in clear, logical process; and most other people weren’t. Since then he has specialised in helping businesses rebuild spreadsheets from scratch, modelling their processes in rigorous, precise ways. His skills allow us to build models of our clients’ businesses – helping us to deliver innovative solutions, and equally importantly, to explain them with clarity and confidence.

When he’s not working, Charles seems to crave further complicated challenges. His current enthusiasm is for Tough Mudder style obstacle courses. To relax, he dances modern jive. And his party trick? Riding a unicycle (he claims he does it badly but we don’t believe him).